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There is no one to take care of you, but yourself. Take what you want, but be crafty, or you will lose everything. The best way to survive is to manipulate others, through lawful agreement or simple violence. Protect yourself through guile, wear a cloak of darkness to steer others wrong. Always wear a mask so others will not see a foe.

Faith Text, “The Heart of Darkness”

Feel the beating of your Heart, the Heart of Darkness. The same Heart beats within everyone, but we all deny it. We all lie. We all keep it secret.

Some hide it behind kindness and generosity, but it is still there. What kindness is not motivated by a selfish need to be owed a debt in return? To force a friendship through generosity.

Some hide it behind laws and promises, but it is still there. Laws are just a flimsy barrier, for when the law or promise no longer suits, they revert to their base nature, their Heart of Darkness.

The faithful hide it by any means necessary. Either by lawful agreement, or superficial kindness, to manipulate and control others. A mask, a cloak of shadow, to hide the Heart of Darkness.

This appears to be a faith book of the deity Zon, the Deciever. Very few copies of this book exist, as most followers of Zon do all they can to hide the fact.


It’s a secret to everybody.

other Information

The favored weapon of Zon is the dagger. Zon’s faith is most widespread among rogues and thieves, but really anyone who is hiding something could hold Zon as their patron. Zon’s temples are by far the hardest to find, but not because few exist. The shrines and temples could be in the basement of some lordling’s home, or perhaps even in a disused passage in a city sewer. The faith’s clerical color is black. The holiest day of the year is midwinter, when darkness dominates. The ritual celebration performed may be the use of some narcotic for the entire day, or perhaps the chanting of all your secrets aloud, but in a private place of course, or perhaps nothing at all if a display would be inconvenient. Clerics of Zon pray for cunning and patience at midnight.


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