War of the Eldar

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One of the biggest turning points in our history. The effects of this terrible war are still being felt today, more than a thousand years later.

Long ago, the elven race was one. By this, I mean that all elvenkind lived in harmony with each other. And they had a mighty civilization, perhaps the greatest ever achieved on Aerden.

The center of their civilization was Amanfea, a metropolis located somewhere in the Green Morose Forest, and there all elves prospered, including the dark elves.

It is hard to say when that city was founded, for it existed before man began to record his history. Perhaps the Gods of the elves, the Seldarine, created it for their children. In any case, the civilization was at its peak a thousand years ago, just before it was laid to waste by the very people who lived there.

It may have been caused by conflicting religions or perhaps even the Seldarine themselves, but the following is recorded here.

The city was ruled by a king and queen, one, a sun elf, the other a dark elf. Together they had a boy, one of light skin named here: Gil’umarth. And they lived together for a few years.

Finally, after some strife between the parents, they decided to disjoin their marriage, the child stayed with his father, and became prince.

After some years, each parent remarried. The king took a sun elf for wife, and the first queen took a dark elf noble for husband. These new couples fostered children of their own, a girl named Imirie to the dark elf pair, and a boy named Ilfirin’anor to the king and his new queen.

Many years passed, each family competing with the other. And finally the time came for Gil’Umarth, the price to take the throne, for his father, the king, would soon die.

Unfortunately, Gil’umarth was killed by a werewolf while hunting in his kingdom before he could claim the crown. At this time, it is said the King claimed his next son, Ilifrin’anor would be the next king, and thus the War of the Eldar began.

The dark elves rallied to Imirie, and the light elves to Ilifrin’anor. It is surprising how quickly violence broke out among them. In just a few years the metropolis of Amanfea was ruins, and the Green Morose a battleground.

The most violent part of the war lasted for about a century, practically ending in defeat for both sides, each battered and in retreat. Many of the drow fled into the mountains and underground, for they were the ‘defeated’ and the light elves, now scarce, tried to rebuild their former glory.

Today, it is rare to even hear of a dark elf, and the light elves are few and scattered throughout the lands. Although the War ended long ago, the hostilities between the races still exist.

This brief history of the War of the Eldar is based on journals, and notes recovered from people who lived around the time. Also, it is based on a primarily human perspective, for after the war few records were made by elves, and most were not willing to share their thoughts on it.

Author: Delsius, the Loremaster
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War of the Eldar

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