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Fear almighty God for his wrath is great indeed! The will of Maylor is all that matters; his dictates and those who serve him are to be followed to the letter. Err even once and suffer the wrath of your betters. Almighty God smiles at your feeble efforts to flee his wrath, for all things must come to an end, and all things end at the foot of Maylor’s black throne. Praise and be thankful to the Almighty, for he may allow you to serve him even after death. Follow the laws set forth by God and those who serve him directly, and be thankful for the opportunity, for without law, you all will destroy each other like a pack of rabid dogs. Maintain your reputation and honor, for without honor you are outside the law, and cannot be trusted to obey.

Faith Text, “Tenets of Faith”

Maylor, Almighty God, is the supreme ruler of all things.
Those who serve him faithfully, shall enjoy eternal service under him.
Those who err, must repent, or suffer eternal torment; a painful death never ending.
Submit to the dictates of Maylor, as spoken by his ranking clergy.
Those who serve the Almighty with absolute piety, are set above all others.
Power over your lessers is the reward for true faith and adherence.


Temples of Maylor the Tyrant are highly regimented and structured. The head of the temple holds the title of Grand Tyrant, those directly below him are called Generals, followed by Black Hands, with a melange of acolytes and soldiers toward the bottom. The rank of general has sub-ranks, so that when the Grand Tyrant is no longer able to maintain the position, the highest general in line takes his place. The entire religious institution, that is the sum of all the temples and shrines and their leaders, is ruled by the Chosen Tyrant of Maylor. However, in some remote regions where a temple is without contact with another temple, the rank of Chosen Tyrant is not used. The faith of Maylor is often entwined with some governments in some way, either officially and openly, or pulling the strings beyond the view of the public.

Other Information

The favored weapons of Maylor are the mace and morningstar. Images of Maylor are usually of a figure in black full-plate sitting on a throne of ebony with a huge morningstar across his knees. One hand rests on the handle of the mace, and the other brought up into a fist; his face is obscured behind a visored helmet from which four ornamental horns sprout. The clergy of Maylor dress in black, or coal gray, with trim of dark green. Each temple observes the day the current Grand Tyrant came into power; the day is called the Day of Ascension. Celebration of the day often involves drunken revelry and other debauchery.


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