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A scholar, on Olbana:

Olbana is quite an old town. It was first settled by elves of the Green Morose, about eight hundred years ago. The elves that gathered there had a fondness of the ocean and so sought a place near the Eshrin Sea. The elven community was not called Olbana, that name came years later when humans began to settle there too.

Well, nothing terribly crucial occured with regard to Olbana for a few hundred years. The population steadily grew, but at a slow pace. Thanks to the protection the elves provided, Olbana never suffered many attacks from outsiders. At least, not until about two hundred years ago.

Well, about the year 1800, pirate bands in the Eshrin Sea were at large. Many tried to pillage Olbana, most unsuccessfully. However, one band called the Sea Ravens, did occupy the town for a time. They held it for only about a year, but then the elves of the forest came to avenge the deaths of their kin. They gave every human there a choice, just to be certain. Swear an oath to the elven way of life, or be slain.

Naturally, what most people do when faced with such a choice. They chose life. For the majority it was an easy decision, since most of them were living with the elves for hundreds of years beforehand. As for the pirates, well, most fled, or were slain in the counter attack, but a few decided life was the better choice even if they would be expected to follow the elven way.

Since then, the town has grown to match the prior population, still a slow but steady increase. It has been quite peaceful as well, excluding a few occasions where commoners break the pact and are exiled. But no real turmoil to this day.

Well, if you know much about the elves of the forest, you should be able to easily imagine. To put it simply, to respect life. Not just human and elven life, but the life of nature itself. They strictly control logging, hunting, and other such activities that impact the environment.

Commonwealth of Olbana

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