The Delightful Adventures of Dick's Daring Delvers

Diary of Bethany Goodfield

The 21st Day of Highsummer, year 2009

Dear diary,

This afternoon acolyte Lisa Reyne broke my meditations with a matter of much urgency. The recent heroes of Shap, Meg Griffin, Richard Longbottom, Termina Dikestorm, and Unulith Amalitain have come to Nature’s Hearth seeking council. They found a sword that was in the possession of the necromancer Logain; they could tell it was special, and came to me find out more. Upon entering the holy hall where they waited, I could sense the evil presence. The elf, Unulith, carried it, and from his manner it seemed he was oblivious to the taint. I greeted the group and bid them welcome in Nature’s Hearth. They explained the situation and how they found the sword and then asked if I could reveal anything else. I had them place the weapon on the floor and asked the Earthmother to reveal the secrets of the sword. Gaea in her eternal generosity, told me that the sword was an eidolon, an object infused with the spirit of an evil person. The great Earthmother said that the sword was made for the last ancient barbarian king of the Shapparan Nation, King Herod. The sword is one of a set of eidolons, and if the eidolons are all united then the bearer will surely be possessed by the soul of King Herod himself. King Herod was an ruthless tyrant, and to have him walk the land again would bring about generations of bloodshed. I told Meg and the others all of this, and told them they must find the other eidolons and destroy them. But first I must create a holy vessel to carry the sword in to protect the bearers from its influence. They are to return tomorrow when I have the vessel ready. I hope they listen to me, and destroy these evil artifacts. Unulith was certainly displeased by what I had to say.

Thanks and Praise be to Gaea, the Earthmother

The 24th Day of Highsummer, year 2009

Dear diary,

Meg Griffin and the other heroes returned this morning from the barrows of the ancient King Herod, their task fulfilled. Sadly, the cheerful halfling, Richard Longbottom was brought back in body only, for he fell in a fight with a manifestation with the ancient king in the barrow. Heart laden with sorrow, and eyes wet with tears, I asked the Earthmother for a boon, and to return the good halfling to us, for he died in a fight against evil, and in service to her. I do not believe death to be unjust, it is the natural end to life, and another step in the cycle, and Richard knew the risks, I think he gave his life willingly. But I ask is a life cut short by the hand of evil a fitting reward for such a righteous quest? This I asked the great Earthmother, and she saw fit to restore the life of Richard Longbottom. It is a miracle the likes of which I have never seen before, nor will probably ever see again, and I am thankful to Gaea for this boon. I am certain She has further need of the good halfling in the future, and I hope he can complete her desires.

With the destruction of Herod’s evil artifacts, I look forward to returning to my daily responsibilities as Harvest Matron, and a few days of meditation and contemplation.

Thanks and Praise be to Gaea, the Earthmother



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