The Delightful Adventures of Dick's Daring Delvers

Journal of Constable Byron Finn

The 10th Day of Highsummer, year 2009.

Broke fast in my office for the third day in a row; I really need to make some time for myself and my family. After my short meal, Joni Kepler came in to report a sighting from last eve. The worried young lass says she saw phantom boaters, coming to “take our souls” no less. Dutiful as I try to be, I asked her for a description which I will record as follows: Two dark figures in a long oar-boat, no lights posted, mist hovering over the water around the craft, and seen in the waters east of the north island. Odd that the boat had no light, it is the law in the waters near the islands of Shap, but probably nothing but old Horus and his son Tad out fishing late. I think he owns a long oar-boat, and maybe their signal torches burned out. I will have to look into it I suppose.

When poor naive Joni left, I went to check up on widow Maybell. It seems she is getting along well enough, but I worry for her. She has no family around since her son left for Merrin. I came back to the office, after, and found some strangers waiting for me. They were three travelers new to town looking for work. I asked them a few questions, learned their motivations a little, and decided to allow them to work for the militia. The halfling, Richard Longbottom, seemed genuine enough. I think he wants to help out and make a decent living. The other two I am not quite sure of though. Unulith Amalitain, the elf, is harder to read. Arrogant as you please, like every elf I have met, but he is fairly sharp. Sharp mind, and sharp tongue unfortunately. I hope he can take orders, or he and I are going to have problems. Then there is the last one. By the earthmother, he is the strangest of her children. Pale as bone, and huge. I suspect there is orc blood in his ancestry; some strange mix of bloods anyway. His temperament is orcish too in some ways, quick to anger and none too bright. I must have had a lapse in judgement to accept him into the service of the town; I really need to take a few days rest to clear my head. I set them up with patrolling the Shappa road.

Going to have lunch and then get on with investigating old Horus Bywater.

The 12th Day of Highsummer, year 2009

Joni Kepler came by again this morning complaining about seeing those “phantom boaters” again. She gave the same description, and this time she brought in her younger brother Paul. That girl should know better than to scare the stuffing out of her brother, but I tried to reassure them that all is well, and that I am looking into it. Honestly though, there is little else I can do for now. I visited Horus Bywater the other day about it, which turned up nothing. Old Horus said he had not been out on lake Shappa after dark any day in the last week. So I checked with some of the other fishermen, but nothing matched up with this “phantom boater” story. Until something more substantial shows it ugly face, I am going to have to push this aside. I have far more important matters to see to. The Shappa road is becoming more dangerous.

The new recruits I hired on the other day reported being attacked by orcs. Richard, Unulith, and that alabaster savage delt with them, but I am sure there will be more. Meg Griffin joined with them on their patrols as well. A good thing too, they are all wet behind the ears, and they will need some strength in numbers. This rise in orc activity is going to require further recruiting. I hope to sign Meg on for more militia work if Master Daeveron allows Meg more time away from her arcane studies.

The 14th Day of Highsummer, year 2009

Far too much work these days. I am going to take two days off so I can spend some restful time with my wife and chilren. Orc attacks on the Shappa road are more frequent, Red Obryn’s lost three horses to disease, the Crabtrees and Elmwoods have a dispute over some trade in livestock, and of course the usual trouble with drunks after dusk. I should also mention that pastey barbarian that joined the militia some days ago deserted. I’d make more of a fuss over the broken oath, but it was probably a mistake on my part hiring him anyway. That would have put us short-handed, but fortunately I recruited two others. One was Meg Griffin, Master Daeveron’s apprentice, and the other I swear must be related to that albino deserter. Her name is Termina Dikestorm, and she is a warrior of some skill. She too is quite pale, and that is what reminds me of the deserter, but she seems more disciplined. The four of them are assigned to patrols.

The 15th Day of Highsummer, year 2009

No time for personal rest now, the Earthmother show mercy. Late last eve the township was attacked by the walking dead! I was resting my eyes in my office when I was suddenly awoken by my men shouting my name. I rushed outside to see a vertiable battle in full swing. Across the street from the townhall, from behind Gaea’s temple, undead were shambling towards the center of town! Only the brave men of the militia were keeping them at bay. I shouted for Thomas Ewer to go sound the alarm bell, took up my spear and joined the fray. It took about half a candle in my estimation to fight them back, and I lost some good men in the fight. Patrolman Longbottom, and his friends were fortunate enough to capture one of two suspects. The man gave his name as Benwin. His is a dark haired and dark skinned man or average build, and something has addled his head. Benwin is locked up, and even now I can hear him shouting and kicking at the cell door. Benwin was questioned by myself and the ones who captured him, Dick Longbottom, and Unulith Amalitain. I was unable to get much out of him other than the ravings of a mad man foretelling our doom. But Richard and the others learned a little more. It seems Benwin and his partner have been stealing corpses from the temple graveyard and finally were sent to attack the town by his master, some necromancer named Logain. But as for motives and specifics we are still ignorant. Benwin’s trial is on the morrow. The days keep getting darker, and I fear what is to come.

The 16th Day of Highsummer, year 2009

The trial went predictably. Goodman Samual Brewmaster took the resposibility of defending Benwin, but only after a good deal of coaxing by Councilman Orgate so I am told. I always figured Sam as arrogant and only out for himself, but accepting the duty of defending an obvious villain speaks well of him. I hope the rest of the townsfolk see it as so. The interests of the township were represented by Richard Longbottom, with the roles of his consults filled by Meg Griffin and Unulith Amalitain. Richard showed some talent in the courtroom, I think I will give him court advocate duties from now on. Of course the trial was presided over by our honored Council, Councilman Amantus Orgate, Councilman Elissa Radalia, and Councilman Daeveron. Both advocates worked to the best of their ability, sentance was made, and at dawn on the morrow will be executed. Benwin is guilty and will be hanged by the neck until he is dead.

The 17th Day of Highsummer, year 2009

With the advice from Councilman Daeveron, I am sending Richard Longbottom, Unulith Amalitain, Termina Dikestorm, and Meg Griffin on a mission to investigate the necromancer Logain. In part, I feel I am sending children to their deaths. I do not know who Logain is, or what danger be really poses, but someone who can magic up so many undead surely is powerful. I need to know more, and here I come full circle, I have no choice but to sent someone to investigate. Richard and his friends are battle tested, and probably as combat worthy as most any of my men. They have skills with the arcane as well, so surely they are indeed the best choice to carry out this task.

They are to go to the ruins of an old fort, inland a little from the north shore of Lake Shappa, assess the threat, and end it if they feel capable. The fort is the closest place with the “facilities to fabricate undead and weave the necromantic magics required to build an undead force” so sayeth the wise Councilman Daeveron. I know I should not question my superiors like this, but Daeveron gives me chills, especially with his unblinking stare. Maybe it is some magic he uses to keep people off their guard. Oh, merciful Earthmother, care for your children.

The 19th Day of Highsummer, year 2009

Gaea be praised! After two days of worry my people have returned victorious! Richard Longbottom and his friends came back today with word that the necromancer Logain is no more, and the threat of further undead attacks is over! They said the fort was full of Logain’s minions, but they destroyed them all, and they have the battle wounds to prove it. I have decided to promote all of them to full deputies, and give them a few days off to recover. The council also gave them a nice bonus in gold for their efforts. Truely, I am thankful to the Earthmother this day!



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