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Uphold the law, and bring to justice those who do wrong. Defend the defenseless. It is our duty to aid our fellows. May the law protect the righteous, and may the righteous uphold the law.

Faith Text, “Sunnatova!”
See the Dawn, my child! You wake! Rejoice in the knowledge with your open eyes and the light to aid your sight! The passing of these pages are like the passing of the Eternal Sun on high.

Know the Light, my child! For in the light joyous things grow and thrive! Where the light shines, darkness is banished, and know you comfort there! The Golden Orb looks down upon you, and guides you with it’s radiance! All things on Aerden are moved by the Golden Sun.

Know me, my child! I am Ulros, the Eternal Sun! I give you life and order all things on Aerden! My words are the Dawn! My gaze is the Light!

Know yourself, my child! Allow my light to shine in you, and warm your soul! Shade your soul from my radiance, and you may wither like a flower too long in the shadow. As I pass from the sky, know your choice.

This seems to be a holy book of the church of Ulros. The principles given here are not much changed from modern orthodoxy.


The church of Ulros is highly organized. At its head is the High Justicar; below him are five Justicars, who often work as judges in court. Then of next lower rank are the Clerics, and of lowest rank the Knights. Some knightly or monastic orders exist that associate themselves with a particular aspect of Ulros.

Other Information

The Defender’s favored weapon is the hammer (maul, warhammer, light hammer, etc). Ulros is often depicted as a paladin in full plate with helmet and visor, wielding a shield and warhammer. Usually, a bright golden-yellow ray of light shines radiantly from the visored helm in paintings of the deity. The clergy wear robes of blue, gold, and grey, or suits of polished armor. Their temples are normally grand structures with many domes and pillars. The faithful celebrate the holy day of Midsummer. Clerics pray for strength and wisdom at noon each day.


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