Richard "Dick" Longbottom

Charismatic and entrepreneurial leader of Dick's Delvers.


Male Halfling Rogue 3
Chaotic Good Small Humanoid

Ability Scores

Str:12(+1) Dex:18(+4) Con:14(+2)
Int:12(+1) Wis:8(-1) Cha:12(+2)

BAB: +2
Saves: Fortitude +4, Reflex +8, Will +2
AC: 19
HP: 24


Bluff: +5
Disable Trap: +8
Hide: +11
Move Silently: +12
Open Lock: +11
Search: +7
Tumble: +9
Use Magic Device: +7

Feats: Dodge, Mobility

Height: 4’3” Weight: 86 lbs. Age: 26
Eyes: Green Hair: Brown Skin: Tan

His mom always said his shenanigans would get him in trouble. Bless her heart, time and again she was right, though Dick would never admit it to her. Dick had just narrowly escaped the gallows for a crime he didn’t commit. Well a crime he was mostly sure he didn’t commit. Scratch that, he probably did do it. Stealing the baroness’ gems sure sounds like something he would do, but that is not the point. Its the principle of the matter, Dick had said he was sorry. Doesn’t that count for anything anymore? Does a mostly, sometimes, once in a while truthful halfling’s word count for nothing?

Dick contemplated these things as he rode away from the city, atop his freshly “borrowed” horse. It seems that in order to get ahead in life, he needed to present himself as some sort of upstanding fellow, with some sort of reputable employment. Two things of which Dick was not particularly inclined towards. How could he get the most profit and follow the least amount of rules? Adventuring! That is how! Dick was pretty proud of his idea. All of those adventurers he had seen over the years in the taverns had it made. Lots of gold, plenty of ale, leeway with the law, the prettiest of wenches. Yes indeed, Dick could see it now, dashing daring Dick, hero of the free world. From now on, Dick was an adventurer extraordinaire.

“Ello, ello, me names Dick, Dick Longbottom, leader of the famous Dick’s Delvers. Yeah, we are pretty famous, adventurers, explorers, you name it, we’ve spelunked it. Haven’t heard of us? Oh, well we are pretty famous back east. You’re from the east? I meant west, yeah done lots of adventuring out that way.”

Richard "Dick" Longbottom

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