Meg Griffin

Short, fat, and ugly gnome grand illusionist


Female Gnome Wizard 3
True Neutal Small Humanoid

STR: 6 (+1) DEX: 10 (+0) CON: 16 (+3)
INT: 20 (+5) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 10 (+0)

BAB: 1
SAVES: Fortitude +4, Reflex +1, Will +4
AC: 13
HP: 21

Appraise: +6
Concentration: +10
Heal: +7
Listen: +6
Lore: +11
Search: +5
Spellcraft: +11
Spot: +3

Feats: Greater Spell Focus (Illusion), Combat Casting


Ever since Meg was a baby she was ugly and fat, even by gnome standards. Meg grew up a dull and lonely life in the orphanage. To pass the time Meg would talk to herself and play pretend with her only toy, a broken clay bowl. As time wore on Meg began to realize that she could manipulate the broken clay bowl with her mind and create a better toy, like a rock. The more Meg was shunned, the more she practiced her craft of illusions to create better toys. When Meg grew up, she was exiled from the Better Days for Gnome Girls Orphanage and cast out onto the cold hard streets. To scrounge up a living, Meg donned a cloak and mask, and became the “Magical Pig Illusionist”. Meg would perform illusions and sleight of hand tricks at inns for money and a place to sleep for the night. Meg could never quite save enough money, because she was always using all of her copper on bread, butter, and ale. One night while performing at the “Drunken Unicorn”, her grand illusion was spotted by a a drunken obnoxious gnome rogue named Nebin. Nebin quickly became agitated and stabbed Meg in her back. Nebin was able to sneak out in the commotion and Meg narrowly held onto her life. Meg was saved by a traveling wizard named Daeveron. Daeveron took Meg under his tutelage. Under Daeveron’s tutelage, Megs abilities become honed and she quickly began to excel at creating more complicated illusions. Meg continued to study under Daeveron, until a halfling named Richard Longbottom came knocking at her master’s door.

Meg Griffin

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