The Delightful Adventures of Dick's Daring Delvers

Cloudburst Part Deux

Evening of the 5th of Trademeet, year 2009

By the time Meg was finished stuffing herself full of the finest delicacies Merrin has to offer, the four noble families were present in the High Lord’s throne room. As the Delvers returned, they entered on a heated conversation.

“You command us here so late AND in a storm no less?!” So perturbed was Numira Braganza, that her manners slipped and she made such a demand. In return, the High Lord George Banaard stared at her coldly until she remembered her place as the fifth and lowest house of the city.

“She does have a point, old friend,” chimed Malcom Duade, Lord of the third house. He, more than anyone in the room, seemed not quite at ease, but familiar with High Lord Banaard.

“I have commanded your presence this night on matters of utmost importance,” began George, “Some adventurers from Shap came to me with dire news.”


Evening of the 5th of Trademeet, year 2009

Even though it was early dusk, the sky was already black. The growing breeze wafted the smell of the sea and of rain to come, up the paved streets of Merrin.

“Gorgauntin’s wrath is soon to set upon us, strangers,” said Bertold, the butler of Castorin Manor. “Better make for shelter,” he finished, as he closed the estate gate behind the Delvers.

“We have a High Lord to question,” spoke Termina Dykestorm, eager to get on with the investigation.

“Aye, aye, that we do, friends,” replied Richard Longbottom, as he straightened his vest and checked up and down the street. “An’ looks like we’re gonna be shelterin up in the finest of establishments, unless Meg rubs this High Lord wrong.” With a snort, Meg Griffin led the party up the street to the High Lord’s keep.

Merrin Blood-currents

Trademeet 3rd, 4th, and 5th, year 2009

Bang! opened the front door of the Mermaid’s Kiss, and in strutted a tall woman in polished full-plate. It was Termina Dykestorm, prodigal paladin of Ulros. As heedless as usual, the paladin strode across the tavern’s common room, oblivious to the stares of other tavern patrons. Behind her, in stepped Richard Longbottom, thumbs tucked into his belt as he does a quick visual survey of the room. And behind him followed Unulith and Meg with sweeping robes and cloaks fluttering to rest after entering from the breeze outside. After locating the smallish bar in the back corner of the common room, Dick led the Delvers over to follow up on their new lead.

Trying to maintain a low profile, the group ordered a round of ale before getting down to business. Subtly, with the exception of Termina, the group played as if they were there to hire a “problem solver” for some unnamed task. At first the barman was confused, but soon understood when Termina eluded to eliminating “BIG two legged vermin.” With a sly wink and fake sarcasm in his voice, the barman replied that he knew where an “assassin” could be found. Through the curtain in the opposite wall. Just that easy. Meg provided some coin to thank the barman, and over to the curtained luxury private room the party went.

Leaving Home

The morning was warm and clear, except for a range of clouds that hung above the southern horizon, over the Simbar Mountains. The view looked like seeing double, the grey peaks on the horizon, and the grey clouds above them. Any rain to come would not fall on the Delvers, for today they were to leave home, to travel to Merrin.

At the request of Lady Radalia, the Delvers were to go to The Free City of Merrin in order to follow up on a lead in the investigation of the attempted murder of the Lady. The Delvers had two clues in hand, a bronze emblem inscribed with a dagger dripping blood, and a dagger with the initials M.J. etched just below the hilt.

After a filling meal at the Silver Lake Tavern, the Delvers headed to the causeway and left town. Upon arriving on the far end, the Delvers were met by Lady Radalia, herself, also dressed for travel. After a warm smile and a quick greeting, the Lady informed the group that she was going to leave town to elude her hunters, and to remove the focus of this threat from Shap. She passed a slip of paper to Dick, with the word “Avarra” written on it. And to Unulith the Lady gave a family heirloom, an elaborate knot-ring, as a token of thanks. After saying their farewells, the Delvers started off down the road east, in the rising heat of the day.

Who framed Unulith Amalitain?

First Day of Trademeet, year 2009

The day started out well; I woke up next to my wife Mary, rested, and the sun was shining fair over the horizon. It was good to get some rest away from my duties to the township for a few days, and so after preparing some oat-porridge for the family I left for the townhall, feeling good about the day to come. But the day took a sharp turn for the worse when I arrived.

When I opened the door to my office, both Councilman Orgate and Councilman Daeveron were already there waiting for me with a deep silent grimness. After making a poorly timed jest about someone being killed and their grim faces, Amantus informed me that, indeed, someone had nearly been murdered last night. It was Lady Radalia, the third of our township’s honored Council. Though it was a close matter, Lady Radalia yet lived and was currently in her home recovering. Lord Daeveron then said the murderer was seen by the Lady and most of her servants, and they described Unulith Amalitain in great detail, down to the points of his ears.

Diary of Bethany Goodfield

The 21st Day of Highsummer, year 2009

Dear diary,

This afternoon acolyte Lisa Reyne broke my meditations with a matter of much urgency. The recent heroes of Shap, Meg Griffin, Richard Longbottom, Termina Dikestorm, and Unulith Amalitain have come to Nature’s Hearth seeking council. They found a sword that was in the possession of the necromancer Logain; they could tell it was special, and came to me find out more. Upon entering the holy hall where they waited, I could sense the evil presence. The elf, Unulith, carried it, and from his manner it seemed he was oblivious to the taint. I greeted the group and bid them welcome in Nature’s Hearth. They explained the situation and how they found the sword and then asked if I could reveal anything else. I had them place the weapon on the floor and asked the Earthmother to reveal the secrets of the sword. Gaea in her eternal generosity, told me that the sword was an eidolon, an object infused with the spirit of an evil person. The great Earthmother said that the sword was made for the last ancient barbarian king of the Shapparan Nation, King Herod. The sword is one of a set of eidolons, and if the eidolons are all united then the bearer will surely be possessed by the soul of King Herod himself. King Herod was an ruthless tyrant, and to have him walk the land again would bring about generations of bloodshed. I told Meg and the others all of this, and told them they must find the other eidolons and destroy them. But first I must create a holy vessel to carry the sword in to protect the bearers from its influence. They are to return tomorrow when I have the vessel ready. I hope they listen to me, and destroy these evil artifacts. Unulith was certainly displeased by what I had to say.

Thanks and Praise be to Gaea, the Earthmother

Journal of Constable Byron Finn

The 10th Day of Highsummer, year 2009.

Broke fast in my office for the third day in a row; I really need to make some time for myself and my family. After my short meal, Joni Kepler came in to report a sighting from last eve. The worried young lass says she saw phantom boaters, coming to “take our souls” no less. Dutiful as I try to be, I asked her for a description which I will record as follows: Two dark figures in a long oar-boat, no lights posted, mist hovering over the water around the craft, and seen in the waters east of the north island. Odd that the boat had no light, it is the law in the waters near the islands of Shap, but probably nothing but old Horus and his son Tad out fishing late. I think he owns a long oar-boat, and maybe their signal torches burned out. I will have to look into it I suppose.

When poor naive Joni left, I went to check up on widow Maybell. It seems she is getting along well enough, but I worry for her. She has no family around since her son left for Merrin. I came back to the office, after, and found some strangers waiting for me. They were three travelers new to town looking for work. I asked them a few questions, learned their motivations a little, and decided to allow them to work for the militia. The halfling, Richard Longbottom, seemed genuine enough. I think he wants to help out and make a decent living. The other two I am not quite sure of though. Unulith Amalitain, the elf, is harder to read. Arrogant as you please, like every elf I have met, but he is fairly sharp. Sharp mind, and sharp tongue unfortunately. I hope he can take orders, or he and I are going to have problems. Then there is the last one. By the earthmother, he is the strangest of her children. Pale as bone, and huge. I suspect there is orc blood in his ancestry; some strange mix of bloods anyway. His temperament is orcish too in some ways, quick to anger and none too bright. I must have had a lapse in judgement to accept him into the service of the town; I really need to take a few days rest to clear my head. I set them up with patrolling the Shappa road.


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