Byron Finn

Byron Finn is a level headed white human man of average stature in his later years. His head is full of gray hair, but he is fit and healthy.


Constable Finn has held his position in service of Shap Township for over ten years, and you can tell it from his experienced manner. He deals with people in a forthright way, due to years of trying to get to the facts. He is a man of action and strives to get things resolved quickly so he can move on to the next task. He has a rather grim air, as one would expect from someone who has had to solve cases ranging from minor disputes, to outright thoughtless violence, with very little help from anyone else. Shap Township is small, and so such duties usually fall to him and him alone, and he accepts the fact with silent resolve.

He has a wife, Mary Finn, and two sons, Jackoby and Terrance.

Here is a link to some of his journal entries: Byron Finn’s Journal

Byron Finn

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